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Get ready to test your word-guessing skills with Wordshake, a fun new take on the popular Wordle game. If you like word games and like having new tasks every day, Wordshake is there to keep you entertained and sharp. This is all you need to know about Wordshake:

Wordshake is a word puzzle game that gives word lovers a new task every day. Every day in this game there is a new task, which makes it a fun daily habit for people who love wordplay.

The Way To Play Wordshake

Daily task: You'll be given a new word-related task every day. It's your goal to figure out this task in six tries.

Guess and Discover: To complete the daily challenge, you'll type in words that are linked to the theme to make your guesses. The game will give you feedback after each word you enter to help you improve your guesses.

Thoughts and Hints: Pay close attention to what people say. You can use color-coding to help you with your goal in the game. A letter that is in the word and in the right place is shown in green. A letter that is in the word but in the wrong place is shown in yellow, and a letter that is not in the word at all is shown in gray.

Cracking the Challenge: Figure out the right answer by using your first guesses and the comments you were given. You learn more about the problem with each guess, which helps you find the answer.

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