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Fix The Mix

Fix The Mix puts you to the test as a word master by having you solve puzzles. A 5 by 5 alphabet and some suggested letters filled in on the board are provided by the game. Using only one hint, solve five-letter words by drawing conclusions. Win brand-new, difficult stages every day!

How to play

It's time to demonstrate your mastery of language puzzles. In this game, your goal is to solve word puzzles with only one hint. Use the filled-in letters on the board as a guide. Using the hints the game provides, try applying logic and your extensive vocabulary to answer two- to four-word puzzles. As you fill in the board, use the suggestion tool to see any letters you want to see if you get stuck. further letters will become visible in the game, providing you with further hints to solve the puzzle.

To further test their intellect, players can select daily challenges or story play option. Players have a time limit in which to complete challenges in the first mode. There are now 50 difficult new levels and more are on the way. In addition, players will be under pressure to think quickly and decipher the puzzle because the daily mode requires them to finish it in less than a minute. Learn something new every day by solving a new puzzle! Enjoy yourselves!

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