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Wordle a Word Game

In the novel word game Wordle a Word Game, you have to guess the word in six or fewer guesses. It's a fantastic mental workout.
The game shows gray blocks for erroneous letters, yellow blocks for proper letters in the wrong place, and green blocks for letters in the right area after each guess.
In this edition, you can play daily words or random words. You can adjust the word count in this version to fit your ability level.

How to play

1) Go to the official Wordle website ( to start a new game.

2) You'll see a grid of 5x6 blank squares. Your goal is to guess the 5-letter word of the day in 6 tries or less.

3) Type in a 5-letter word as your first guess and hit Enter.

4) The game will provide feedback on your guess:
- Green tiles mean you have the right letter in the right spot
- Yellow tiles mean the letter is in the word, but in the wrong spot
- Gray tiles mean the letter is not in the word at all

5) Use these color clues to deduce what the word could be on your next guess. Keep making 5-letter guesses, maxing out at 6 tries.

6) If you guess the word correctly, the tiles will all turn green. If not, you lose and the word is revealed.

7) Wordle resets with a new word puzzle every 24 hours.

Some strategy tips:

- Start with a word that has multiple vowels like "soare" to try to reveal some letters
- Pay close attention to duplicated letters when a color is repeated
- Use word families and patterns to narrow it down (e.g. plural -s, -ed endings, etc)

The fun is in the process of elimination using the color hints. Wordle forces you to think laterally about word construction. It's free to play with just one puzzle per day.

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