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In Bordle, you attempt to guess words similar to Wordle, except at least one of the letters is the B emoji—a wild card, not a "B"—instead of a letter. There will be a new word every day.

- The basic gameplay is similar to Wordle - you have 6 attempts to guess a 5-letter word
- However, in Bordle at least one letter in the solution word is replaced by the B emoji 
- This B emoji acts as a wildcard or blank tile that can represent any letter
- The colors/feedback you get follows the same rules as Wordle for the non-B letters
- But for the B tile, the feedback just tells you that letter exists somewhere in the word
- Each day there is a new Bordle word to solve, with the B emoji replacing a different letter
- So you have to use logic to deduce both the word and the position of the wildcard letter

This wildcard element seems to add an interesting new layer of deduction on top of the original Wordle solving skills. You can't just narrow it down letter-by-letter, but have to constantly account for that floating B tile possibility.

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