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AEIO is a word-guessing game inspired by Wordle. The objective of AEIO is to uncover a hidden word by making educated guesses.

How to Play AEIO

- Uncover the Hidden Word: The goal is to guess the hidden five-letter word correctly within six attempts.

1. Access the Game
- Online Platforms: AEIO can be played on various online platforms that host word games. Search for "AEIO game" to find a suitable platform.

2. Starting the Game
- Main Menu: Click on “Start Game” or “Play” to begin.

3. Game Mechanics
- Guessing the Word: Enter a five-letter word as your guess in the input field.
- Submit: Press the “Enter” key or click on the “Submit” button to submit your guess.

4. Feedback System
- After each guess, the game provides feedback by changing the color of the letters in your guess:
- Green: The letter is in the correct position.
- Yellow: The letter is in the word but in the wrong position.
- Gray: The letter is not in the word at all.

5. Making Guesses
- First Guess: Start with a common five-letter word to get initial feedback.
- Subsequent Guesses: Use the feedback from previous guesses to inform your next guesses.
- Adjust letters that are marked yellow (correct letter, wrong position).
- Keep letters that are marked green (correct letter, correct position).
- Avoid using letters that are marked gray (not in the word).

6. Winning the Game
- Correct Word: You win if you guess the hidden word correctly within six attempts.
- Six Guesses: If you fail to guess the word correctly in six tries, the game ends, and you can start a new round.

Example Gameplay Walkthrough

1. First Guess:
- Enter a common five-letter word like “CRANE”.
- Submit your guess.

2. Feedback
- Suppose the feedback is: C (gray), R (yellow), A (green), N (gray), E (yellow).
- This means A is in the correct position, R and E are in the word but in different positions, and C and N are not in the word.

3. Second Guess:
- Based on the feedback, try another word, such as “SLATE”.
- Submit your guess.

4. Continue Guessing:
- Use the feedback from each guess to refine your next guess.
- Aim to position yellow letters correctly and avoid gray letters altogether.

5. Winning:
- Keep guessing until you uncover the hidden word or use all six attempts.

Tips for Playing AEIO

- Start with Vowel-Heavy Words: Starting with words that have multiple vowels can help you quickly determine which vowels are in the hidden word.
- Use Common Letters: Common consonants like T, S, R, and L can also help in identifying the word.
- Eliminate Possibilities: Use each guess to systematically eliminate impossible letters and positions.
- Be Strategic: Think ahead and plan your guesses based on the feedback you receive.


AEIO combines the fun of word-guessing with strategic thinking. By making educated guesses and using feedback effectively, you can uncover the hidden word within six attempts. Enjoy playing AEIO and improving your word-guessing skills!

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