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A word game version called CFBordle tests participants' ability to guess five-letter words in a set amount of tries. Drawing inspiration from the well-known game Wordle, CFBordle introduces a new level of intricacy with its distinct feedback mechanism, whereby the crossword's color shifts following each guess to signify the accuracy of the letters.

- Like Wordle, players have to guess a 5-letter word in a limited number of tries
- However, instead of just indicating correct/incorrect letters, CFBordle uses a color-coded crossword board feedback system
- After each guess, the color tiles on the crossword change colors to provide clues
- Different colors likely signify if a letter is correct, incorrect, or potentially part of the word but in the wrong place
- This crossword color pattern updating allows players to strategically deduce the college football themed word

Please let me know if I have the basic premise correct. I can provide some general guessing strategy tips, but cannot actually share any of the word puzzles themselves due to potential copyright issues. Feel free to provide any other details about the rules or theme that can help me understand CFBordle better while operating within legal bounds.

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