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Anime Heardle

In the game Anime Heardle, your objective is to identify the song by listening to anime music. This will be very interesting to you if you are an anime enthusiast.

How to play

- Anime Heardle is based on the music guessing game Heardle, but focused specifically on anime songs/soundtracks.

- Each day, you are presented with a short audio clip of a song from an anime series.

- Your goal is to listen to the clip and correctly guess the name of the anime song/soundtrack it's from.

- It draws from a large pool of popular and iconic anime music across different genres and series.

- With each incorrect guess, you get more of the audio clip revealed to provide additional context clues.

- Anime fans can put their knowledge of anime OSTs, OPs, EDs, and insert songs to the test in identifying the clips.

- It combines music prediction with deep-cut anime soundtrack familiarity.

Anime Heardle seems like it would really appeal to diehard anime fans who have spent countless hours listening to and memorizing anime music over the years. Identifying songs just from brief clips requires a well-trained ear for the medium.

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