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Maxyph has difficult puzzles that test your ability to put words together. There are a lot of fun new word puzzle games like "It's Just the Wind" and "Flippin' Pipe" that influenced this game. There are strict rules for making a string of six five-letter words for the game. Let your brain grow as much as it can!


The object of this game is to make a string of six five-letter words using all of the English letters. You can't put text in the "locked" spots in each row by hand. Once this first row's letter is filled in, it marks the start of the puzzle.

The puzzle's last "locked" cells are orange and take on the value of the cell above them. This number will be filled in by the row above to make it easier to see when you enter this row. The locked letters can't be used again once the player leaves the locked row. If the letter "A" is in the same row but not in any of the rows below it, it shows up in a locked cell in the first row. The most points you can get is 25. One thing that will affect your score is the number of unique characters you use in your real words. You can quit at any time and still get the points for your good words. Have fun!

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