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Just Words

There is an online multiplayer version known as Just Words. The rules of this game are the same as those of Scrabble. You will pick up how to play this game fast if you are familiar with the rules of Scrabble. There are 169 squares on the game board, with 13 squares in each row. One tile with an alphabet on it can be placed in each square.

In Scrabble:
- The board is a 15x15 grid of squares
- Players draw 7 letter tiles from a bag and take turns forming words by placing tiles on the board horizontally or vertically
- Points are scored based on the letter values and any premium squares the word covers
- The goal is to get the highest score by using all your tiles across multiple turns

Now for Just Words, based on your explanation, it seems to follow very similar rules to Scrabble, with a few key differences:

- Just Words has a slightly larger 13x13 board, with 169 squares instead of 225
- Players still take turns placing letter tiles to form words horizontally or vertically
- Scoring is likely the same, earning points for the letters used and any premium word/letter squares
- It retains the core Scrabble gameplay of trying to maximize points by building interconnected words

So in essence, Just Words is a multi-player online adaptation of Scrabble, just with a slightly condensed board size. As long as I understand the basic Scrabble mechanics of forming words, scoring, playing tiles strategically, etc., I should be able to quickly pick up Just Words as well.

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