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Enstarsdle is a fan-made word puzzle game inspired by Ensemble Stars!, where players guess the names of characters from the game series within a limited number of attempts. Here are the steps to play Enstarsdle:

1. Access the Game:
- Visit the Enstarsdle website or platform where the game is hosted.

2. Starting the Game:
- You will be presented with a blank field where you can type your guesses.
- The game will usually tell you how many characters are in the name you need to guess.

3. Making a Guess:
- Enter the name of an Ensemble Stars! character in the input field and submit your guess.
- The game will provide feedback on your guess. Typically, it will indicate if you have guessed any correct letters and if they are in the right position (similar to games like Wordle).

4. Feedback:
- Correct Letter, Correct Position: If a letter is in the correct spot, it will be highlighted in a specific color (usually green).
- Correct Letter, Wrong Position: If a letter is in the word but not in the right spot, it will be highlighted in a different color (usually yellow).
- Incorrect Letter: Letters that are not in the word will remain unhighlighted or be marked with another color (usually gray).

5. Continue Guessing:
- Based on the feedback, refine your guesses.
- You have a limited number of attempts to guess the correct name (often 6 attempts, similar to Wordle).

6. Winning or Losing:
- You win if you guess the correct character name within the allotted attempts.
- If you use all your attempts without guessing correctly, you lose, and the game will reveal the correct answer.

7. Daily Challenges:
- Enstarsdle often has daily challenges where a new character's name needs to be guessed each day, providing ongoing engagement for players.

# Tips for Playing Enstarsdle:
- Familiarize Yourself with the Characters: Knowing the names and spellings of Ensemble Stars! characters will greatly help in making accurate guesses.
- Use Common Letters: Start with guesses that include common letters to get more feedback.
- Process of Elimination: Use the feedback to eliminate incorrect letters and narrow down the possibilities.
- Pattern Recognition: Pay attention to letter patterns and positions that match known character names.

Enjoy playing Enstarsdle and have fun testing your knowledge of Ensemble Stars! characters!

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