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Enter the world of secrets and adventures that is Citydle. It's an entertaining approach for both geography enthusiasts and beginners to assess their global knowledge. Show off your intelligence, increase your knowledge base, and hone your logical thinking and memory.

How to play

Play a daily guessing game about the names of the biggest cities in the world with Citydle. The primary playing field in the game is the search bar. Kindly indicate the name of the city you want to remain anonymous. For your convenience, names are displayed here in alphabetical order. You can try again by using the on-screen hints if the first attempt fails. The player can only make so many guesses before receiving feedback in the form of an orange, yellow, or directional arrow that indicates how many kilometers they estimated. If the player guesses the continent right, an orange color will appear when they are almost there. If they correctly identify the country, they will see a yellow color; if they are near the correct location, they will see a directional arrow with the approximate amount of miles.

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