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In the logic game Symble, you must figure out four-digit passwords. You need to generate a password that will enable you to access the password's protected value in order to accomplish this. After receiving a prompt, you must choose the right response from the range of options it presents.

How to play

1. It's a logic game.
2. The main objective is to crack 4-digit passwords.
3. Players need to create a password to access a protected value.
4. A prompt is provided to the player.
5. The correct answer must be deduced from various possibilities presented in the prompt.

Symble appears to combine elements of code-breaking, deductive reasoning, and problem-solving. The game seems to challenge players to use logical thinking and analytical skills to narrow down the correct password from the given information.

This type of game can be an excellent exercise for improving critical thinking and pattern recognition abilities. The 4-digit format also makes it compact enough for quick gameplay sessions.

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