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Wordle Deutsch

Everyone can enjoy an engaging German word-guessing game called Wordle Deutsch online. To guess a legitimate five-letter German word in six tries is the aim of the game. To determine the final result, please make the quickest approximation possible.

How to play

- Wordle Deutsch is an online word guessing game, like the original Wordle but with a German theme
- The goal is to correctly guess a valid 5-letter German word within 6 tries
- After each guess, you get feedback on which letters are correct and in the right position
- You want me to make a quick approximate prediction to solve the word puzzle

Since you're asking for the fastest prediction, I'll go ahead and guess a reasonably common 5-letter German word to start:


This covers some common letters and letter patterns in German words. From the feedback on that first guess, I can start narrowing down possibilities and make more educated guesses to zero in on the solution within the 6 try limit.

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