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With Phrasle, the newest Wordle spin-off, you guess phrases rather than five-letter words each day.

How to play

1. Start by entering any guess phrase on the first line of the game board.

2. As in Wordle, after submitting your guess, letters that are in the correct position in the phrase will be highlighted in green.

3. Letters that are in the phrase but in the wrong position will be highlighted in yellow.

4. Letters that are not in the phrase at all will remain unhighlited.

5. You get 6 total guesses to try and figure out the complete phrase.

6. With each new guess, use the green and yellow letter feedbacks to refine your next phrase guess.

7. The phrases can vary in length from 3-7 words long.

8. There are no restricting themes or categories for the phrases - they can be common idioms, song lyrics, quotes etc.

9. After your 6 guesses, the answer phrase will be revealed whether you got it or not.

10. Like Wordle, there is one new phrase puzzle released daily that is the same for all players.

The main strategic difference is having to think about multi-word sequences instead of just a single 5-letter word. Using techniques like looking for common word pairs can be helpful when guessing the phrases.

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