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Twisty Words

Twisty Words is a fun word puzzle game that challenges you to unscramble letters to form words. 

How to play

1. Go to the Twisty Words website or app.

2. You'll be presented with a scrambled set of letters.

3. Your goal is to form as many valid words as possible using only the given letters.

4. Words must be at least 3 letters long to be accepted.

5. Tap or click on the scrambled letters to start forming words on the game board.

6. As you make words, they will be accepted and crossed off the scrambled letter set.

7. The more words you make from the same set of letters, the more points you score.

8. Some letters are "frozen" in place, requiring you to build words around those fixed letters.

9. Work strategically to find all the possible word combinations before advancing to the next scrambled set.

10. You can shuffle the scrambled letters if you get stuck to get a fresh perspective.

11. The game tracks your score, awarding more points for longer words.

12. Try to beat your own high scores or compare with friends!

The key is to have a strong vocabulary and pattern recognition skills to quickly deconstruct the scrambled letters into valid words. Twisty Words exercises your mental dexterity with each new letter jumble. It's challenging but highly addictive!

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