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Devimot gives users the chance to learn the chosen five-letter word of the day in French while participating in an entertaining and difficult word puzzle game. Devimot is a fun method to test your language proficiency and experience the excitement of solving word puzzles. It was inspired by the well-known game Wordle.


French Language: Devimot lets users develop their French vocabulary or play Wordle in their own language. Players can have a lot of fun while improving their French language skills by learning the daily five-letter word.

Inspired by Wordle Gameplay: Devimot encourages players to make astute predictions based on the hints they receive after each attempt, much like its inspiration, Wordle. The game adds a layer of strategy and deduction to gameplay by using color-coded suggestions to direct players toward the right answer.

Six Guess Limit: Players have six guesses, just like in Wordle, to figure out the mystery word of the day. This restriction pushes players to enhance their chances of winning by making them think critically and carefully about their guesses.


Guess the Word: To guess the chosen five-letter word of the day in French, players must apply their linguistic knowledge and logical thinking.

Color-Coded Hints: Following each guess, players are given color-coded hints that show if a letter is included in the word at all, correctly positioned but incorrect, or both.

Six Guess Limit: A player may try to guess the word accurately up to six times. Make clever use of each guess to reduce the pool of potential solutions and find the one inside the allotted time.

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