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You ought to give Turnipleon a go if you enjoyed Turnip Boy. This is a game where you have to guess the order of the Turnip Boy characters. If you're unfamiliar with the game, don't fret; Turnip Leon will reveal all the secrets to the game's hidden sorting rules. I hope you enjoy yourselves!

Gameplay Instructions

Using the character icons from Turnip Boy as inspiration, Turnip Leon introduces a fresh take on the traditional word-guessing game. When players collect or deal with gigantic creatures while asking puzzles about plants, the game is likely to be charming and intriguing. Do not be alarmed if you have never played this game before; the rules are really simple. Figure out the rules for the Turnip Boy characters and make predictions regarding their order. There are no built-in sorting mechanisms in the game. These can be related characters, paired characters, characters with no overlap, etc. Everything is there for you to find!
You can hone your logic and guessing skills playing this game. Come investigate, argue, and make accurate predictions with individuals who share your enthusiasm for word games and Turnip Boy. May you have a blast gaming for hours!
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