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Finding as many words as you can in a predetermined length of time is the goal of the word game Thirdle. You have to find three six-letter words with a minimum of two letters separating them. Though it seems easy enough, this is not! Every time you play, it becomes harder, and the more you play, the harder it gets. You can always use the undo function in the game if you make a mistake.

How to play

Because of its simplicity and the fact that you only get four chances a day to finish the third challenge, it's a simple hobby that has gained popularity. This mode is a word guessing game that may be played without downloading or installing anything. You have to guess a four-letter swear word every day.

Like wordle, except with just three letters instead. After three tries, guess the thirdle. Every try has to be a word with three letters. The letters' color changes with every try to show how close you are to spelling the word correctly.

The variation known as "Rule Thirdle" demands you to guess a word with three letters in four tries. It tells you which letters are in the searched term each time you enter your three-letter word; if the letters are in the right place, they become blue; if they are there but not in the right place, they turn orange.

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