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Take the Teniz quiz to see how much you know about the Open Era Grand Slam tennis champions. If you have a strong interest in tennis, this is a fun game that will test your knowledge. See how many accurate predictions you can make by accepting the challenge.

How to engage in gameplay
The goal of the game, which was made by tennis enthusiasts inspired by Wordle, is for the player to guess who will win the Grand Slam. These include the year of the player's first Grand Slam victory, the total number of Grand Slam victories, the player's gender, country (they can represent multiple countries), the number of Grand Slam singles championships they have won, and their favored playing hand. After every guess, the game will display the degree to which the player's attributes match those of the actual person. The answers are indicated with color and symbols.

Perfectly green, a match for the Grand Slam.
- Blue: The player you mentioned has won more Grand Slam titles, but all of them have been won as per your prediction.
- The bar will be yellow if your prediction that this player had several Grand Slam victories is accurate.
- Red: There are no Grand Slam championships that your projected player has in common with any other player.
Players have the ability to customize the game's mode. The game's easier difficulty setting is always an option. At this stage, qualities are revealed after every wrong guess, providing players with more precise information. On Easy Mode, you can utilize Extra Hints from your last attempt. Your tier will be determined by adding together your scores. Attain the highest point total to reach the Grand Slam stage.

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