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Sand Sort Puzzle

Players must use their skills to move colored sand from one glass vase to another in the mind-training game Sand Sort Puzzle. Can you solve every puzzle in this collection, which becomes harder and harder?

How to engage in gameplay


This unique sorting game involves sorting sand piles of various colors. You will be handed a pot that has been packed high with different colored sand. When filling the pots, the idea is to stick to that color. To do this, choose the pot from which you want to pour the sand, and then choose the pot into which you want to pour it. It matters what order you choose the different planters. By using this strategy, you may arrange your moves ahead of time to fill the pots with the right shade of one hue in the shortest amount of time. As you finish each level, you can earn coins. You can use these coins to buy more pots or game themes, if you'd like. This is your chance to add some fresh air to your soothing sorting puzzle.

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