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Referdle tests your vocabulary and logical reasoning. A new game that plays like Wordle. Using the 5x5 Clue Grid as a guide, make educated guesses about the secret word. Let's practice playing and show off your skills.

How to engage in gameplay

You have to guess the five words in Referdle that Cluebot has already guessed using the Clue Grid. The game shows a 5x5 Clue Grid with answers to all five words. We've supplied one-word clues to help you guess the term. We can provide you hints that are either synonymous with the term or have distinct meanings to aid in your estimate. Choose a word from the Clue Grid that you are sure you can figure out first. It's up to you to guess this word. Players have five guesses for every word. For each guess, only one word that fits the provided hint for the selected keyword may be utilized. If your guess is correct, the word will show up on the Clue Grid, indicating that your deduction was successful. You have the next word available to you. You have to decipher the hidden words by examining and interpreting the Clue Grid in order to complete the game.

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