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Word guessing and keyboard layout familiarity are combined in the word game Qwertle. The term itself is a combination of "turtle," which denotes the game's slow and strategic pace, and "QWERTY," which is the typical keyboard layout. In six tries, players must guess a five-letter word, and each guess must be a genuine five-letter word.

Rules: There are six chances for players to guess the concealed word. Following each guess, the game shows the distance between each letter and the accurate location on the QWERTY keyboard visually.

Suggested Words with Five Letters: Every guess needs to be a word with five letters. This regulation is enforced by the game to keep player consistency and fairness high.

Visual Feedback: The color of the tiles changes to reflect the proximity of each letter on a QWERTY keyboard whenever a guess is submitted. A correct letter in the proper location is indicated with a black letter on a white backdrop.


Qwertle helps gamers become more comfortable with the QWERTY keyboard layout. Players get better at identifying the spatial relationships between the letters on the keyboard as the game goes on.

Strategic Guessing: The game becomes more strategic due to the limited amount of attempts. For players to have the best chance of accurately guessing the word in the allotted attempts, they must strike a balance between risk and caution.

Educational Value: Qwertle is a fun and amusing way to help players become more proficient with the keyboard and to improve their spelling and vocabulary.

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