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The Proustle game allows readers to take an original and captivating comprehension test on the works of French novelist Marcel Proust. This game, which is sometimes referred to as a "Proustified" version of Wordle, requires players to find the daily solution pertaining to Marcel Proust's literary universe before using up all of their permitted attempts.


The game's gameplay centers around the well-known French novelist Marcel Proust, giving players the chance to explore his literary world.

Comprehension Test: By analyzing daily responses pertaining to Marcel Proust's writings, players must show that they understand his works.

Variable response Length: Proustle's response length differs daily from Wordle's, giving the game an additional element of difficulty and unpredictability.

Various Terms: Any term that appears in one of Marcel Proust's stories, including names, phrases, or other literary components, can be used as the daily response in Proustle.

Restricted Attempts: As in Wordle, players can only guess the right answer up to six times, which amplifies the suspense and strategic aspect of the game.

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