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A Guessing Game Based on Daily Movie Posters is called Posterdle. Although the idea is different from Wordle, we believe you will enjoy playing this online game if you love movies! To identify the movie advertised on the poster, you get 20 seconds and six guesses.

How to play

Due to how simple it is to play, this new version of Words With Friends has quickly gained popularity as a calming hobby. You only get six attempts per day to figure out the movie poster in 20 seconds, and each one loses you that time. The Posterdle Online game is a movie-related guessing game that doesn't need to be downloaded or installed on the user's computer. Instead of attempting to decode a new movie poster every day, this variation of Wordle uses a one-grid format, and the emphasis is on how quickly one can recognize the image.

A list of movie names must be solved. After each guess, you have the option to play for more definition of the poster image. With the help of the game's hints, you are free to help yourself however you see fit. Players are not given the opportunity to start a new playing session with this game after finishing the game for the day. If you're interested in playing infinite posterdle, continue reading, and we'll lead you through the procedures to do so.

It is crucial that you provide the solution on the sixth try because the goal of the game is to correctly name a movie within the allotted six guesses. The game gives you a list of movies, and you have to choose which one, out of all of them, you think should be the symbol of this particular day. Each movie contains a special collection of cryptic hints. Every day, a new poster will be available for guessing. 

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