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It's hard to remember things and be smart when you play Outspell. The goal is to use the tiles to spell out words and get points. Colored tiles help you find the right word you need to spell to get points in this one-of-a-kind game. There are hints that will give you just the right amount of information to figure out what word you need at any time. You can also use your own language or make up words as you go.

Outspell is what kind of game is it? It's a puzzle game for one person that tests your memory and brain. The most important thing is that it tests your ability to think outside the box and recognize sounds. It takes more work to beat each of the three levels in this game.

Shapes like spheres, triangles, squares, and rectangles are in the first level.

More complicated shapes, like half-circles, triangles with points, pentagons, and hexagons, are in the second level.

In the third level, which has at least six impossible shapes, you have to find a picture hidden inside one of them. This level is insanely hard. You will need to look at the form to try to figure out what it is.

Most people would think this is easy, but a lot of people can't get through the last level without help from family or friends who are playing on the same device or computer screen. Only if you're ready for a fight.

How To End A Spell

Moving the letters is easy. Just click or drag the left mouse button.

In our collection of word wipe, you can find a lot of fun themes to choose from. Every day, a lot of new games are added. Have fun!

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