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Prove your geographic knowledge about Oundle, England. In one Wordle variation, the player's goal is to guess the name of a UK location in six tries using suggestions. Test your guessing skills and learn more about England, a stunning country.

How to engage in gameplay
Players get six chances to predict five-letter words in this game. English terms that refer to places are appropriate here. The majority of the right answers can be found in the 1,000 English words that are used the most frequently. However, the larger dictionary is based on the comprehensive list of towns and cities available in the British Gazette of Place Names. After then, the game will alter the crossword's color to correspond with your prediction's result. By applying this process of elimination, you'll be able to narrow down on the exact term:

- A letter should be in the proper position if it is green and belongs in a word.
- The letter is incorrectly positioned (yellow) in what should be a word.
- There is no word in which the letter gray belongs.
Since a new word is created every day, you can play the game every day and observe how your score compares to others'. Any length between four and eleven letters may be used for the term. The game gets harder as the term goes on. Studying other nations and regions, such as England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, can help you get a wider perspective. By adjusting the pace and difficulty levels of the game, you can challenge yourself.

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