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You are challenged by MTRdle to construct legitimate trips with Hong Kong's MTR system. A distinctive and entertaining puzzle game where players must precisely guess the order of train routes. Determine the correct sequence of three different train routes in six tries so that, by utilizing their intersections, they can be merged to produce a valid journey. MTRdle is an engaging game for aficionados of puzzle games and the MTR system because of its feedback mechanisms, restricted number of try limits, and varied challenges.

How to engage in gameplay

MTRdle's goal is to identify the precise order of MTR train lines that make up a valid trip in Hong Kong. Players can guess up to six times to find the correct order of rail lines. Each guess includes the three rail lines that are believed to constitute a valid journey. It's difficult to determine the best route order when there are three train routes to take into account and intersection restrictions to follow. The aim of the game is to optimize the order of train routes while considering all potential crossovers.
After every guess, the player is given feedback regarding the accuracy of their predictions, the inclusion or exclusion of certain train routes, the correct order in which to include them, or the incorrect location in which to include them. With every MTRdle task, players have a new challenge: they have to choose the one way out of multiple options that matches the hint. This game offers an engaging and fun experience for puzzle game aficionados who also happen to be MTR system enthusiasts. Try Metrodle if you enjoy this game and would like to take on a similar challenge.

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