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Moviedle is a game inspired by Wordle in which you watch a few seconds of a movie and try to identify it.
The objective of Moviedle is to identify the film just on a few seconds of footage. This video contains the whole fast-motion film. Each time you attempt to watch the film, you will see a slower and longer version. You have six chances to pick the right movie title in this game. Do you feel like you've watched all the movies? Moviedle will test your knowledge about film.

What is Moviedle?

Several individuals are film-obsessed and have seen so many films that they can identify the movie appearing on television just by examining a frame. Are you among them? Moviedle is for you if so. Moviedle is one of the games inspired by Wordle, however it differs in that it is not a word-based game. Moviedle requires players to predict a movie based on a series of scenes that come within a second, so they must pay close attention.

How do you use Moviedle?

- To begin playback, press the "Play" button. See a one-second video including stills from a fast-moving film.
- Choose any movie title from the list in the space below as your first guess. If you have no suggestions, click the Skip button.
- If you miss a round or answer poorly, you may see a slower and longer version of the same video. Attention: pausing and repeating are banned.
- You have six chances to identify the film. Each time you watch the film, a fresh version will be presented.
- The game ends when you correctly identify the film or attempt to do so. Good luck!

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