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Use Morsele to test your understanding of Morse code. A game inspired by the classic puzzle game Wordle with an interesting concept regarding Morse code. The object of the game is to accurately identify the word utilizing auditory signals presented in Morse code, as opposed to guessing the typical word. In addition to providing hours of enjoyable entertainment, the game's innovative and inventive game style helps players advance their knowledge and puzzle-solving abilities.

How to engage in gameplay

There are 21 chances for participants to figure out the encrypted word. Additionally, the playback speed decreases by 5 WPM after every three tries, allowing players to hear the code a little more slowly if necessary. One advantage is that the word appears three times in Morse code for the player. Before trying to guess, students can practice the code until they feel confident with it. The primary focus of Morsle Wordle is learning and using the Morse code. Players are presented with words in Morse code, and they are pronounced aloud at a 40 words per minute (WPM) starting pace. When players make the correct guess, they will see the color green. They can then evaluate their success or failure using this information and modify their plan of action accordingly. Morsle is an excellent starting point for anyone who is enthusiastic about learning Morse code.

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