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Metrodle is a Wordle-inspired game where the normal alphabet and language are replaced with a map of the London Underground. You have six chances to identify the correct London Underground stop in this game. Everyone, whether they are a London local or simply interested in learning more about the subway system, will find it exciting and challenging to find the hidden spot in Metrodle.

How to engage in gameplay

To successfully get at your last target station on the London Underground in six tries is the aim of this game. Players need to apply certain criteria in order to identify the correct station, which is critical. By entering the name of the London Underground station they believe they need to get to, players take a wild guess. Your destination station will be located in the center of a detailed map of the London Underground that you will see when playing this game. To start, the map has no colored lines or station names. After making a guess in this game, the player will instantly receive feedback. Feedback is offered to the player that shows how many stops they made compared to their actual destination and which way they are most likely to arrive at. The game displays an enlarged portion of the map with station names and colors for the lines connecting them when the player guesses incorrectly.

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