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Enter Melodle and lose yourself in the realm of beautiful melodies. Players in a word-guessing game with a musical theme must determine the melody of the song by looking at the notes. The melodic notes and structure of the classic word-guessing game Wordle have contributed to the game's appeal. Have fun!

How to engage in gameplay
Finding the song's potential melody in six tries is the aim of this game. Before attempting to guess, you can listen to the song once to get a sense of it. When entering their predictions, players have the option of using solfège syllables or musical notes. The middle C (C') reference can also be played back as often as desired by the performer. Every day, Melodle players are given a new song to recognize. Players with different skill levels can choose between easy and hard difficulty settings in the game. Upon completing a guess, the game provides an instant assessment of your performance. In the feedback, notes that are accurate and arranged correctly in the prediction are indicated, while notes that are inaccurate are indicated in red. There are numerous notation styles, note names and solfège syllables (Do, Di, Re, Ri, etc.) being just two examples.

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