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Challenge your brain with Linkle if you want a puzzle game with lots of hard math problems. A puzzle game where you have to use logic and clues to figure out what the next hint will be. Playing this difficult puzzle game will help you guess what will happen, think clearly, and think quickly. Get your friends to play with you; it will be fun!

Tips on how to play

The goal of Linkle is to find the word that connects all the hints. There are five clues in the game. You will start with the first tip and try to figure out the word that links them all. If your guess is wrong, you'll get more tips.
Relationships in Clue: The first three clues have words that will either go before or after the answer to make a new word or phrase. You have to figure out how the clues are connected in order to find the word that fits the pattern. When the circle next to the clue goes red, which means your guess was wrong, the next clue will be shown. This process will be done again for every clue.
Last Hints: The first letter of the answer and how it fits with the other clues will be given in the fifth hint. You can find out how many letters are in the answer from the fourth tip. If you get any of the hints right, the circles will turn green and the answer will show up. After all the hints have been given, the answer will become clear, and if you still can't guess correctly, all the circles will turn red. This will lead to a guess score of six.

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