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Instant Wordle

In Instant Wordle, you only need one guess to find the secret word. A different version of Wordle that is harder than the original game. The player is given two words to choose from and only needs to guess the last secret word. Come on, try to win this game.

Tips on how to play
You will be given a table with two five-letter words to choose from in this word game. Your job is to guess what the last word will be. The rules are the same as when you play Old School Wordle. To find the last secret word, you will have to use color hints. The guesses are now down to two words that have been released. But be very careful and use common sense when thinking about this secret word. In the settings, you can also pick from different game types, ranging from easy to hard. And look at your progress numbers in the part for numbers. Enjoy yourself!

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