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Take part in Housle: Guess the Price of Luxury Houses, an engaging game. You'll have to take six exams to figure out how much these lavish places are worth. To find out who wins, you have to correctly predict the 5% price difference from the stated price.

For every wrong guess you make, you will given hints to help you finish the game. Furthermore, an overly high or cheap price may give rise to a fresh perspective on the area. The next phase for players is to use their strongest skills (along with a little bit of luck) to get as near to the perfect answer as they can.

How-To Operate

Please start by answering the quiz with the amount you think will match the house's valuation. The proposal will either seem unreasonably high or improperly low when you hit the enter key. In order to get the correct answer, you must first choose a number that matches the clue.

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