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House of Hazards

Having fun with others, House of Hazards is a cooperative game. However, there are a number of hazards and difficulties that you have to keep away from when making all of your preparations before leaving the house. Consider giving yourself a challenge and seeing what you can do today. How far are you prepared to go before one of your friends makes a mistake?

How to play

The ultimate goal is to leave this location. Along with this, the other rooms of the house hold unforeseen perils for you. A number of tasks must be completed, including making coffee, checking the mailbox, and watering the flowers. The other occupants of the home will be waiting and watching you fall for their traps before you can complete your responsibilities.

For instance, the kitchen cabinet door and toaster could hurt you. The swing or the toys may attack you if you go to the garden to water the flowers. There are numerous traps in this assortment of things. The control keys must be used to direct the running direction of your hero. Keep a close eye on the display to determine what kind of trap is awaiting you. Some of them need your hero to jump over them, while others require him to slither past other traps. If you don't have enough time to react, your character will die, and you'll lose the round.

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Player 1

- Jump: W
- Move left and right: A,D
- Crouch and Fire: S

Player 2

- Jump: I
- Move left and right: J,L
- Crouch and Fire: K

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