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Hocus Focus

Hocus Focus has difficult image search puzzles. Make assumptions on images that are hidden by pixel layers. Keep an eye out for patterns and colors that seem to hint to the concealed image. How many images are you able to accurately predict?

How to engage in gameplay

Massive blocks or pixels obscure a hidden image at the start of the game. The goal of the game is to navigate around the image by clicking on blocks, which will gradually reveal more details and improve the clarity of the image. Players must evaluate the given pieces of the image and use their visual perception skills to identify patterns, colors, and shapes in order to make an educated bet as to what the entire picture might be. God, oh God.

You can adjust the game's difficulty level such that the first few photographs are easier and the last few are harder. Based on the details it recognizes, the computer will examine the image and attempt to infer its meaning. The actual challenge is to figure out the picture with the limited data available while monitoring the time.

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