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Guess Word

You have six chances to correctly guess a word that is chosen at random in the entertaining game, Guess Word. You will receive feedback after each guess as to which letters you selected are in the target word and if you guessed correctly.


How to play

In six tries, guess the five-letter word. Correct letters in the right positions are shown by a green background. The letters in your guess change color to give hints. A correct letter that is not in its proper location is indicated by a yellow background. You are allowed to play as many games as you wish each day.

After each guess, the color of the letters will change to show how close you are to the word you give:

- Grey - the word does not contain this letter.

Orange - this letter appears in the word but in the incorrect location.

- The color green signifies that this letter is accurate.


Key Features

Ready to play in High Definition (1280768 and 7681024), 4 to 6 letter words (total of 29K words).

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