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Globe will test your knowledge of geography. You must locate Unknown Country on a map of the globe. Similar to the Hot and Cold game, the temperature will indicate the accuracy of your guess. Following each attempt, the nation picked will be shown on the map. The greater the intensity of the hue, the closer you are to the Unknown Land. You have an infinite number of guesses, so utilize color cues to quickly identify the target nation.

How to play Globe?

- To play, just tap the globe symbol. The screen will display a globe map with no nations labeled. Enter your first forecast in the box located above the globe, and then click the Submit button.
- After submitting, the outline of the chosen nation will be shown. The hue will indicate your distance from the target nation. If you see orange or red, you are in close proximity. The lighter the hue, the farther away the nation is from your selection.
- Click, drag, and move the globe to zoom in on the map.
- When the proper nation is selected, the color will be dark red.
- The amount of guesses in this game is unrestricted, so play to your heart's content and hone your geography abilities!

Globe answers and hints

- Globe accepts different spellings for nations (e.g. Burma for Myanmar).
- The majority of tiny territories, such as Curacao, do not exist in the game.
- You may zoom and rotate the globe to assess your next forecast from a global perspective.
- France and England have several colonies over the globe, so it is not audacious to guess their names.
- Some nations' boundaries are exclusive. Geography may be a delicate subject, so if you have any issues or recommendations, please contact the author.

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