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The gameplay of the puzzle game Geordle involves guessing. If you've played Wordle, you'll notice that this well-known game's ending is comparable to the "dle" ending of Geordle. Thus, Geordle is essentially a variation that offers players some intriguing twists.
To be more specific, Wordle challenges players to identify a concealed English word in six tries. With Geordle, on the other hand, you have to determine the name and capital of a secret nation.

The only thing that both games have in common is the guessing gameplay. Different themes and in-game features are included in the development of the Geordle game. Thus, even if you become bored with the repetitive Wordle puzzles, you can always find something to amuse yourself with this new version.

The Rules for the Geordle Game

The initial design of the game included a virtual keyboard and two rows of empty spaces for players to enter their estimates. Which section you should guess the nation and its capital is clearly visible.

The game's maximum number of guesses is indicated by the five red dots above the rows; the final guess will yield a prize. Thus, you will have a total of six guesses. One red dot will be removed if a letter in your guess does not appear in the answer. On the other hand, no dot gets eliminated from the game if your selection is accurate.

One thing to keep in mind is that your letter will be applied to the nation and its capital in both rows. As a result, the five guesses apply to the entire game rather than just the names of the nation and its city.

Even if it seems like there aren't enough guesses to identify both hidden targets, Geordle gives players more assistance. A letter will be blocked if it is deemed incorrect. That means you can't use the wrong letter again for any guess. Simply use your deduction to determine the best course of action in this situation.

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