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Flagle 3

Investigate Flagle 3 to see every flag in the globe. The interesting and exciting puzzle process is further enhanced by the captivating gameplay, which provides hints based on distance and progressively reveals visuals. Based on the puzzle's flag, identify the nation.


Here's how to play:


1. Go to the Flagle 3 website (

2. You'll see a grid of colored squares that represents a country's flag.

3. Below the grid, there's an input field where you can type your guess for the country.

4. After submitting your guess, you'll get feedback on how accurate your guess was:

- If a square turns green, it means that color is in the correct position on the actual flag.
- If a square turns yellow, it means that color is present in the flag but in a different position.
- If a square turns gray/black, it means that color is not present in the flag at all.

5. Use this feedback to make your next guess, trying to rearrange the colors until you correctly guess the flag.

6. You have a limited number of attempts (usually 6) to guess the flag correctly.

7. Once you guess the flag or run out of attempts, you can share your results and see statistics.

Some tips:
- Start with a guess that includes common flag colors like red, white, blue, green, etc.
- Pay close attention to the color positions that turn green to determine fixed spots.
- Use process of elimination for colors that turn gray/black.
- Think about common flag patterns and designs for the country/region.

The goal is to correctly identify the flag in as few attempts as possible! It's a fun way to test your flag knowledge.

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