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Flaggle 3

In Flaggle 3, you may put your knowledge of the flags of many nations to the test. The flags of nations you have never heard of will present you with much more of a challenge in this version of the game. Now give it a try and see how many flags you can correctly guess.

How to play

It's easy for you to play this game. You will have six guesses after the flag photos are presented. You will receive a true or false response after each guess. In the event that your guess is incorrect, you will learn something about the original secret flag. The distance between the country you correctly predicted and the one with the hidden flag will be displayed in the game. You will also get a picture of the incorrectly predicted flag. You will then deepen your understanding. You can share your achievement with your friends on social media after correctly identifying the hidden flag. I hope you have a ton of gaming fun!

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