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Flaggle is a word modification that accomplishes the same task as the original term, only that a flag is used to symbolize it this time. The aim of the game is simple: recognize the region's or nation's flag with the fewest guesses possible. You will be able to view your stats and how successfully the daily board game was solved if you are successful.

You will see a similar flag that displays your guesses in the same color as the answer after each guess. The color pallet was condensed to the ten most prevalent hues to make it more practical and manageable. It functions similarly to words in that it makes it possible for you to share the game on all of your social media accounts. Each day, you are only permitted one attempt at the game.


- There are a total of six opportunities for you to find the hidden flag.
- Each and every attempt must be appropriate for the particular country on the list.
- You will receive both a geographic and a distance indication with each new attempt as a fresh portion of the flag is unveiled.

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