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Word-guessing games with color-coded feedback and puzzles in the style of the United States are keeping Dudele busy. Playing the game is an excellent method to become familiar with and enjoy a variety of American expressions, idioms, and words. You have to identify a word that is specifically related to the United States, using up to six guesses.

How to engage in gameplay
Every state in the United States has a unique motif for dudele games. The player has six chances to guess the hidden word. Every gaming session revolves on a new term, phrase, or idiom with an American theme. Because of the different word lengths, every day of the game offers a fresh challenge. The game provides you with instant feedback in the form of colorful boxes after each guess.

The corresponding box will become green if a letter in the guessed word matches the letter in the right answer. This is a prime example of the adage "right word, right place."
The appropriate box will turn yellow if a letter that was missing from the original response but present in the guess word. "Letter of Representation, Wrong Place" is the erroneous message.
The letters in a word that is guessed but no matching letter is found will be shown in gray boxes. This letter was sent from out of office.
Color-coded tiles give gamers helpful information to help them make better attempts in the future. As the game proceeds, players can determine which letters are correct and where they go in the word with an American theme by observing how the colors change. It is this connection that players want to find. By properly identifying terms with American themes, gamers can earn prizes. They can also test their knowledge of the nation by answering entertaining quizzes. The game keeps going until the participant has missed all six of their attempts to guess correctly.

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