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Dayfine and Wordle, the well-known word game, are comparable. In Dayfine, you are given three chances to select the correct word after being informed of its definition. By eliminating the most obvious responses, the goal of the game is to make it more difficult to understand what the word means.

You will be given a word and its definition at the beginning of Dayfine. You have to think of a term that suits the specified meaning based on this description. Three hues will appear on your screen when you submit your guess: gray, yellow, and green.

Each input color denotes a distinct meaning.

Gray: This indicates that a letter is missing from the word you are attempting to predict.
The color yellow indicates that a letter exists in the word, but it is not where it should be.
Green: This color indicates that the letter is present in the word and positioned correctly.
You can identify the correct word in the three opportunities you have by using this feedback to refine your predictions and reduce the number of options.

Dayfine offers varying degrees of effort with varying degrees of difficulty. The following difficulty levels are available:

Normal setting: There is no extreme difficulty or ease of use here.
You can select "Hard" for a more challenging test, which will provide you with more complex definitions or a wider range of terms that could suit the present definition.
Extra Hard level: With additional difficult meanings or more viable responses, this level aims to be as challenging as possible.
By adjusting the difficulty, you may tailor the game to your preferences and level of expertise.

All things considered, Dayfine is an entertaining word-guessing game in which you must select the correct word based on its definition. Word game fans will find the game appealing because of its limited number of attempts and colored comments, which offer another level of difficulty and strategy.

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