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You're invited to take part in a special vocabulary challenge from Conexo. Make an effort to put four words together that have a common theme. As a group, thoroughly study and assess every word. The game puts your recognition, thinking, and vocabulary to the test. Use your imagination to make the connection between them. Enjoy yourselves!

How to engage in gameplay

Click the Start button on the screen to launch Conexo. In order to make a group in this game, you must select four vocabulary terms. Please take note that these four vocabulary terms must be closely related to one another and should be carefully examined. It's really easy to use: click once to choose a word, and click twice to deselect a term. It only takes four vocabulary words clicked to form a whole group. Upon selecting four vocabulary terms through clicking, the game will instantly return to show you whether or not the outcome is correct. Using the terminology the game offers, discover four enigmatic categories. There is a new mission every day. Playing video games can boost your creative thinking and problem-solving skills, making them a spiritual remedy. Enjoy yourselves!

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