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Codle, a new game from Wordle, appears to be just as entertaining as the original Wordle. You will be presented with five-letter words from which you must select the correct one. Try rearranging them and seeing how many you can correctly predict.

How to play
If you're concerned about the difficulty, there are indications that you can sort it out. Each letter has been moved by the same quantity in this instance. Each game's offset and decoding word are determined by chance. If the "a" is shifted to the left by one, the resulting letter is "z." A g becomes an h, etc.

Consider the way the letters join together for hints. Typically, double letters are "ee" or "oo," but "tt," "ll," and "gg" can also appear. The letter "y" is in position 5 because positions 3 and 4 contain double consonants. It can be advantageous to use characters that immediately follow one another.

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