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Vlaada Chvátil created the well-known word game Codenames for social interaction. It is well-known for its straightforward idea and fun gameplay, which incorporates word association, deduction, and cooperative play. The game promotes communication and creative thinking and is frequently played at parties or in groups. This is a summary of codenames:

Rules for playing Codenames:

GENRE: Party game, social word game.


Each spymaster leads a different squad that competes against the other.
The objective is to locate the identity of their own operatives on a word grid while dodging assassins and agents of the other team.

a word card grid with each card signifying a possible agent.
Agent locations are displayed on key cards for each team.
Cards for the red team, blue team, and neutral agent.
Assassin card.


On the table, word cards are arranged in a grid.
Each team has a spymaster who sits in front of the other team.
A key card that contains information about the whereabouts of their team's operatives is given to each spymaster.

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