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Circle Word

Circle is an intriguing crossword puzzle game. The excitement of Word round is increased by the time constraint. In this game, players must have a specific vocabulary in order to find the right word in the given amount of time.

How to Engage in the Game

Until the countdown starts to run out, the identities of the characters that will show up are unknown. Every round has a faster tempo as the level rises. To win, you'll need to apply both superior observational abilities and illumination control techniques. It will be your responsibility to figure out the hidden crossword on your own. The game ends when time runs out and you haven't found the answer.

The quantity of characters utilized in challenge rounds in Circle Word is configurable. Taking into account these intriguing substitutes raises the challenge from three to six characters. Don't forget to practice frequently to increase your vocabulary and quick reflexes! How many riddles can you solve in a turn? The only way to determine one's true potential is to self-test.


A closed circle containing character spheres represents the countdown time for each round. Making meaningful word deductions from the given letters is the aim. Choose the vocabulary's alphabetical order to submit your response. For example, if the correct answer is "MINE," choose the ball in the following order: M-I-N-E.

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