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With entertaining word puzzles, Categorle tests players' general knowledge in a variety of topics. Players must demonstrate their language and problem-solving abilities to finish each challenge in the allotted time limit, with a wide variety of topics to explore.


Numerous Categories: Choose from a variety of subjects, such as "city," "name," "fauna," and "flora," each of which offers a different word problem to solve. Players can select from a wide variety of categories to have a varied and engaging gaming experience.

Restricted Attempts: Players have to carefully plan their guesses to find the hidden word within the selected category, as they only get six chances to try. The trick is to maximize the few trials you have while choosing the right term associated with the subject.

Varying Difficulty: The amount of letters in each Categorle problem varies, making each one unique in its challenges. There's a chance that some categories will turn out to be harder than others, which will make the gameplay more exciting and unpredictable.


Choose a Category: Select from a range of themes, including names, cities, animals, and plants; each theme represents a unique word puzzle to be solved.

Guess Words: Within the chosen category, players get six chances to guess the concealed word. Guesses have to fit within the designated category and be pertinent to the selected topic.

Strategic Thinking: Make educated guesses and solve the word problem in the allotted time by applying deductive reasoning and general knowledge.

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