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Taylor Swift served as the inspiration for the six-letter wordle "Blondle". Similar to the original Wordle, players in this game must correctly guess the six-letter word within six tries and without using any tips. The Blondle words' association with Taylor Swift is the only difference between the two games.

How do you play Blondle?

Try to guess the first six-letter word and type it in the row where you started typing in order to find a word. Now that you know, the first word you heard has three colors linked with it: yellow, green, and gray. The letter has been positioned correctly, as seen by its lush hue. The letter is within the word but is misaligned, as indicated by the yellow. The absence of the letter from the word is indicated by the color gray. Based on the query, type the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth words. Each daily Blondle word may often be decoded in six tries. One of Taylor Swift's favorite cities or some intriguing knowledge about Taylor Swift may be the response.

Participants get 24 hours from midnight each day to finish a brand-new daily objective. Additionally, there are many levels of difficulty, so everyone can find it to be sufficiently demanding. So why not give Blondle a try right now?

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